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Staples Rodway is a New Zealand-wide network of accountancy and business advisory firms that you can rely on to steer you safely through the ups and downs of the modern business world.

What sort of accountancy firm do you want to work with?

For many businesses, accountancy is just a service they need – not something picked for its added value. At Staples Rodway, our talented people and diverse range of services mean that we can be so much more for our clients.

We have been one of New Zealand’s most trusted independent accountancy firms for 70 years. We wrote the original New Zealand ‘Staples’ Tax Guide – and it’s still published under that name. We have worked with some of our clients for several generations; so we like business continuity and lasting success. We also like building strong relationships with all our clients.

What does this mean for you? For a start it means we care about your business and your personal ambitions, so we work very hard to help you find ways to grow wealth and keep it secure. Next, it means you can rely on us to go beyond the obvious; we use our deep knowledge of the New Zealand business landscape to come up with innovative ideas. We also think clearly and proactively about what kind of services are going to help you and how to make those services affordable and effective. That means making maximum use of technology to deliver services more quickly and cost-effectively.

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Think locally.
Act globally.

Staples Rodway is affiliated with Pitcher Partners in Australia and Baker Tilly internationally. Baker Tilly is an association of 150 independent chartered accountancy firms, located in 137 countries, that employs nearly 27,000 partners and staff and is the eighth largest accountancy practice in the world.

Membership of this prestigious international network provides us with:

  • The ability to accept engagements that transcend national boundaries
  • Access to global expertise in tax, audit, corporate advisory and transactions to provide seamless cross-border structuring advise and assistance
  • Well developed and rigorously enforced quality control procedures
  • Access to extensive technical and thought leadership resources
  • Connections to “open the door” when the time is right to expand outside New Zealand
  • Recommendations based on thoroughly researched best practice
An independent member of Baker Tilly International
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