Bookkeeping and Administration

Are you ready to focus on your business?

Our bookkeeping and administration services are aimed at assisting small businesses with the myriad of administration and bookkeeping tasks that are so essential but often end up in the “too hard” basket.

Our accredited bookkeepers are experienced at handling commercial transactions across a range of industries and are skilled at using accounting software. They can hit the ground running as soon as you require, providing a level of service that quickly cements them as an integral part of your financial and/or administration team. It’s everything you need to forget about your bookkeeping, without actually forgetting about your bookkeeping.

Our packages are designed to make your life (and cash flow) easier. Packages start from $50 +GST per hour and can be customised to suit your business.

We have two packages to choose from, or we can tailor a combination of bookkeeping and administration services to match your needs.

Prices and Packages

Our packages are designed to make your life (and cash flow) easier. Packages start from $50+GST per hour and can be customised to suit you business.

SR Starter

Good for small businesses wanting their cashbook and invoicing taken care of
From $50 per hour +GST

Coding & bank account reconciliation

Sales invoicing

Bill Payments

Filing of accounting records

Cashbook processing

GST returns

SR Advanced

Let us take over your day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting
From $65 per hour +GST


Collation & submission of time sheet data to payroll service

FBT returns

Full accrual accounting systems

Fixed asset register

Add ons

Additional one-off or recurring services can be added according to your needs.

  • GST and FBT compliance reviews
  • Monthly or quarterly management reports
  • Quarterly management report or owners meeting
  • Full payroll service
  • Customised KPI reporting

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“I now spend a lot less time in the office organising payroll and no longer take my laptop home with me.” - Scott Siffleet, Lifestyle Building and Construction

Benefits to your Business


Make important decisions based on accurate and timely information that you can rely on. Our bookkeepers can provide you with as much detail as you require, allowing you to understand where your business is right now – and where it’s heading.


You only pay for the actual time the bookkeeper works on your books. Bookkeeping services are fully tax deductible, and you won’t need to worry about paying staff sick leave or holiday pay.


We’ve selected only the very best bookkeepers for your business, giving you the confidence of knowing that someone skilled is taking care of the bookkeeping tasks.


With a bookkeeper focusing on your administration you are freed up to focus on generating income.


We can supply Bookkeepers for short term, permanent, part time or full time roles – and we can customise the services you receive to suit your specific needs. Perfect if you require cover just over the Christmas period.


You won’t need to worry about managing or training finance staff. Our Bookkeepers come Staples Rodway accredited and will receive ongoing training. Should your Bookkeeper be away for a day, we can arrange a backup bookkeeper for you.

“Having previously covered holiday leave with internal staff, this was our first experience of hiring a contracted Bookkeeper and it was incredibly straight forward. It only took 1 hour to hand over the role and the whole process was extremely cost effective. It’s great to know that I can go on holiday and everything will run smoothly while I’m away!” - Leen Fiddelaers, Financial Controller, Armatec Environmental.

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