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Our team of Business Advisors can assist in many ways, whether it’s taking care of your compliance and other statutory obligations or providing pragmatic advice to add value. We can leverage our experience helping businesses of different sizes across many industries to assist you based on your specific circumstances, current issues and long-term goals.

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    Preparation of Financial Statements

    Compilation of financial statements for companies, individuals, partnerships, joint ventures and trusts. Provides comfort to stakeholders, including shareholders, suppliers and financiers, that the financial results are being reported on a consistent basis and in accordance with the required reporting framework.

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    Preparation of Tax Returns

    Preparation or review of tax returns for lodgement with the IRD, including income tax, GST, FBT, PAYE, and RWT. Ensures adherence to tax legislation whilst identifying opportunities to maximise allowable deductions or reduce tax levied.

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    Maintenance of Companies Office Records

    We can act as the registered office, prepare and file Annual Returns and hold and maintain the statutory minute books and resolutions of directors, shareholders, trustees, partners etc. Assists in limiting Shareholder and Director exposure and ensures statutory records are proactively managed.

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    Administer the staff payroll, including payment, issue payslips, account for leave and other entitlements, deduct and pay the necessary taxes, complete employer schedules. You can relax knowing that your staff and the IRD, will be paid the right amount, on time, every time.

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    Cashflow and Projected Financial Statements

    We can assist in the preparation of projected financial statements, including cashflow, based on detailed and transparent business assumptions. This gives owners and other stakeholders real insight into the future performance and position of the business and enables alternative scenarios to be assessed. FIND OUT MORE

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    Independent Monthly Report Review

    We can provide an independent, objective review of monthly financial statements that have been prepared in-house. Directors may prefer an independent review before presenting reports to their Board or financiers as it provides a greater level of comfort and/or level of integrity and reliability.

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    Accounting Systems and Procedures

    We can provide a review of your current accounting system and associated processes identifying areas for improved use or assisting in the selection of an accounting system which better meets your business needs. With technology driving automation of traditional manual tasks, having the right system doing the right things is critical to ensure the output is accurate, timely and efficiently obtained.

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    Structuring Your Affairs

    Our tax specialists can provide you with an appropriate structure to facilitate your commercial objectives, protect your assets and for tax planning purposes.

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    Board and Owner Support

    We can provide the Board or owner support in a number of different capacities including establishing Governance Frameworks, acting as an independent director, implementing cost minimisation programs or simply acting as a sounding board. FIND OUT MORE

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    We can assist in the preparation of a strategic plan which can shape future direction and a business plan to put the strategy into action. Clear strategic direction engenders greater clarity of direction unity of decision-making and provides greater traction to actions taken. Vital issues are considered early often resulting in savings of time and money.

Get greater clarity and control over your decision making. The ultimate outcome of a financial modelling engagement is a set of historical and forecast financial statements that show how a business has performed and how it is likely to perform in the future.
Ever felt you spend more time working in your business than on your business? Staples Rodway Auckland offers Outsourcing which effectively takes over your back office accounting and finance function to free you up to do what you do best.

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