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    Managing People on the Farm
    9 May 2018
    There are huge amounts of research that show if you manage and lead people well, they will perform, which couldn’t be more accurate in the farming industry. The performance, commitment and engagement of every employee is of huge importance to production and therefore profit, so getting this right is key.
    HR Recruitment and Selection Workshop
    30 April 2018
    Our team will provide a dynamic workshop, providing techniques and tools so you can avoid one bad apple spoiling the bunch. Expect to walk away with a deeper understanding of how to successfully recruit the best person for your business.
    HR 101 – Core HR Employment Relations
    29 April 2018
    Employment and HR law can be very complicated. This workshop is designed for business owners and managers to receive insights on Employment Relations and Compliance. We will ensure you are clear on your duties and obligations and understand the risks, before we lead into a snapshot of the potential impact from the recent new laws and regulations introduced by the new government.
    What's on the Horizon for Employment Legislation in 2018
    22 March 2018
    With a change of Government late last year, many of us waited in anticipation for how that change would affect us as employers and business owners. The new Labour Government indicated that change would be imminent for employment legislations with a focus on workplace relations. We now have some clarity as to what those key amendments will look like.
    What you should know about Payroll
    22 March 2018
    Getting payroll wrong can prove to be very costly for the employer. Employers are strongly encouraged to consider having their payroll processes independently reviewed to establish if they have a problem to be concerned about.
    Psychometric tests for Selection and Coaching
    22 March 2018
    Psychometric tests are designed to reveal details about behavioural traits and personality which often don’t come to light within the interview process. For most people, there is a gap between who they think they are and how others perceive them.
    The Golden Triangle - Sustainability, Employee Engagement And Business Results
    14 March 2018
    How the desire to embrace "The Golden Triangle"- sustainability, employee engagement and business results, can enhance your business and leave the world in a better place.
    Trading On Easter Sunday
    20 February 2018
    Changes to the Shop Trading Act that came into force on the 1st of January 2018.
    Spotlight on Recruitment
    26 January 2018
    It is crucial to take a lot of time and thought into recruiting a new person. As the old saying goes, ‘one bad apple spoils the bunch’ – so you really don’t want to hire the wrong person into your business.
    Giving All Round - Cranford Hospice
    19 December 2017
    Cranford Hospice is a not-for-profit organisation who not only consistently gives generously to its community, but receives plentiful community support back.
    The Power And The Passion - How To Create Effective Teams Through Giving, Sharing and Celebration
    11 December 2017
    "Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."
    Employers Receiving Penalties for Payroll Mistakes
    16 October 2017
    12 months ago the MBIE estimated the total cost around the country of payroll underpayments could top $2 billion, affecting more than 700,000 employees.
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