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    Bite Sized Learning | March 6 - Pay Day Filing
    25 February 2019
    Make the most of your lunch break and join us for a quick, free business lesson and Q+A. Bring your lunch and receive a 15-20min lesson plus the chance to put questions to our talented team. We will hold these sessions every first Wednesday of the month at Johnson Corner, with each session covering a different topic
    Christmas Work Functions & Potential Problems
    5 December 2018
    With the end of the year approaching, Christmas work parties are now underway. We want you to be able to have fun with your employees but the days of allowing staff behaviour to go unchecked, are well and truly over and rightly so.
    Getting Payroll Right at Christmas!
    5 December 2018
    Nearly everybody gets to have some time off over the Christmas period. For employers, there is the challenge of correctly interpreting and applying the Holidays Act 2003. It is critical to understand exactly what your legal obligations are.
    Quick Tips For Recruitment In A Tight Market
    30 November 2018
    With workplaces facing the challenge of recruiting in a tight market, just how do you attract the right talent?
    Is Your Casual Employee Really A Casual?
    30 November 2018
    Casual employment allows for flexibility in a workforce; however if incorrectly implemented, can lead to a costly mistake.
    Digital Natives
    2 October 2018
    In 7 years digital natives will dominate the workforce. Are you ready?
    Technology Can Unlock Your Greatest Asset
    1 October 2018
    How technology can unlock the potential of your business’s greatest asset - it's people.
    Managing Digital Distraction
    26 September 2018
    The impact of digitalisation, particularly when we reflect on the effect that mobile phones, email and internet have on us in our daily work.
    NZ’s Significant Skills Shortage is Serious Business
    2 August 2018
    This shortage in skilled managers and workers is a growing problem for New Zealand, and it needs attention.
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    Holiday Pay - Don't Let it Slide
    4 July 2018
    Bunnings has announced it will back pay staff $11 million as part of its efforts to comply with the Holidays Act. The critical point is that it shouldn’t be just major companies considering this, every company with employees should be.
    Pay Parity in New Zealand and Across the World
    27 June 2018
    "No one gets paid more than the Queen" they announced, but in a world where even a queen has to fight for equal pay, what progress are we making to close the gender pay gap?
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    Working out our Differences
    22 June 2018
    With the number Australian based companies entering or operating in New Zealand, it is surprising how little is written about the human resources and employment relations implications of this, particularly in the small to medium business space.
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