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    Tax Talk | April 2018
    9 April 2018
    Welcome to the April 2018 issue of Tax Talk. In this edition we discuss: overseas buyer restrictions on the way, new tax obligations for trusts with international connections, PIE investor obligations as well as the five-year bright-line test being enacted.
    What To Look For In An Active Investment Manager
    26 March 2018
    A guide to the key characteristics of an active manager that investors should look for.
    Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing
    22 March 2018
    With the sustainable investment movement growing enormously, the challenge is measuring and ranking the efforts and ultimate outcomes of businesses trying to meet investor expectations.
    Saving It For Later - The Christmas Club For Your Golden Years
    16 December 2017
    The tradition of squirreling away money over the year to save for Christmas has become a relic of simpler days. Why save today when you can pay tomorrow? As it turns out, mother may have known best!
    Investing In The Technology Sector
    11 September 2017
    Although fast developing technology offers exciting opportunities for investors to ride the tech wave, with this rapid growth also comes the danger of rapid obsolescence in both traditional and technology stocks.
    Does Politics Influence Financial Markets?
    5 September 2017
    It has been hard to ignore the number of significant political events that have occurred recently and those that will follow in the remainder of 2017. There is also no doubting that we watch elections with close interest to see how they will shape the world we live in. But from an investors perspective, do these events really make a difference?
    Listed Property Trusts And Syndicated Property
    4 August 2017
    Listed Property Trusts and Syndicated Property are a common feature of New Zealand's property-dominated investment market. In this article James Scarr of Staples Rodway Asset Management steps through the key differences between the two investments.
    Capital Gains Tax On Rental Properties
    19 April 2017
    The National Government’s capital gains tax on land became law back in October 2015. How unsuspecting property owners are still finding themselves unexpectedly caught by the new rules.
    Health And Safety In Residential Property Investment
    28 March 2017
    Over the past year there have been a lot of changes to rules for owners of residential investment properties. The majority of these changes have been well publicised in the media, being topics of public interest. However some of the biggest changes to the industry over the last year have largely gone unnoticed. These are the changes to Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSW Act).
    Business Immigration
    27 March 2017
    Immigration is currently a very hot topic with many countries increasingly becoming opposed to globalisation and becoming more insular. New Zealand however, has a long-standing openness and reliance on foreign investment, and trying to attract wealth that can be mutually beneficial to both New Zealand and the investors. We look at Investors paths to permanent residence in New Zealand.
    Investing 101
    18 January 2017
    While investing can offer a means to achieve your financial goals, don’t forget to consider that investing involves taking risks.
    Give Your Retirement Savings a Boost!
    21 June 2016
    While the $1,000 KiwiSaver kickstart may have been consigned to history, the government still supports KiwiSavers with a member tax credit of up to $521.43 per year. Find out more.
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