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    Is Milk Futures the Future of Dairy Farming?
    6 December 2018
    We all fix our interest rates, insure our houses, lives, cars and health, and lock in prices for our monthly utilities. This is great for those on a regular salary or wage who like to budget and plan their cashflows, but for Dairy Farmers, this is not the case.
    Christmas Work Functions & Potential Problems
    5 December 2018
    With the end of the year approaching, Christmas work parties are now underway. We want you to be able to have fun with your employees but the days of allowing staff behaviour to go unchecked, are well and truly over and rightly so.
    Getting Payroll Right at Christmas!
    5 December 2018
    Nearly everybody gets to have some time off over the Christmas period. For employers, there is the challenge of correctly interpreting and applying the Holidays Act 2003. It is critical to understand exactly what your legal obligations are.
    Upcoming Changes for Incorporated Societies
    29 November 2018
    The aim of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 is to give guidance to the many New Zealanders who run societies. The Act is now more than 100 years old and needs updating to help volunteers govern and administer a society in today’s conditions.
  • ERP
    Annual Return Process Requiring Additional Information
    15 November 2018
    We're now collecting additional company information in the annual return process.
    The Jetsons Didn't Lie - Automation is Everywhere
    15 November 2018
    My two favourite shows as a kid were The Flintstones and The Jetsons. One gave me a humorous take on where we had come from, and the other gave me what seemed to be a far-fetched view of where we're going. Just 20 years on and I'm not so sure that Hanna-Barbera Productions had it so wrong.
    What should you be spending on marketing?
    12 November 2018
    We hear a lot of uncertainty from business owners about how much they ‘should or have to’ spend on their marketing to see a return on investment. We also see a lot of clients spending far too much and in all the wrong places.
    Brand Building
    29 October 2018
    Many small businesses think branding doesn’t apply to them. I often talk to small business owners about their brand and often hear “I’m alright, I don’t need that kind of fancy stuff.” Well I’m here to talk to that business owner.
    Do's and Don'ts of Social Media
    11 October 2018
    With social media constantly changing and the endless variety of platforms and tools available, it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed by it all. Getting the fundamentals right is extremely important as a social media presence can really impact a business’s reputation.
    A simple solution to a large storage problem
    9 October 2018
    A not so unique problem with a few unique circumstances led Access Radio Taranaki to an IT solution that has allowed “a reservoir of valuable knowledge to remain available to everyone that needs or wants it” – says Anne, Operations Manager at Access Radio.
    Digital Natives
    2 October 2018
    In 7 years digital natives will dominate the workforce. Are you ready?
    Will Robots Take Your Job?
    28 September 2018
    With the rise of automation, careers that we take for granted today may well become obsolete in the future. But is all the scaremongering in the media merely hype?
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