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    Women Influencing Women - Cranford Hospice
    6 February 2018
    On Thursday the 8th of March at Cranford Hospice, come and hear how an Essex girl who left school at 15 started on a journey that led her to Aotearoa (via Hull and Greece and rugby) to experience the nightlife of Wellington and the fruit bowl of Hawkes Bay.
    Giving All Round - Cranford Hospice
    19 December 2017
    Cranford Hospice is a not-for-profit organisation who not only consistently gives generously to its community, but receives plentiful community support back.
    Revealed: How much will the 12 days of Christmas set you back?
    14 December 2017
    The 12 Days of Kiwiana Christmas list is back, taking a look at how your Christmas will be adding up this year.
    Canteen Ceo - Claudine Young
    11 December 2017
    With this issue of Numbers being all about "The Art of Giving", we decided to look to an organisation that we are a major sponsor of, CanTeen and interview their very capable CEO Claudine Young.
    Spotlight on Admin
    16 October 2017
    The foundation of any successful company is made up of an effective and productive support staff. The administration team here at Staples Rodway is a vital part of the firm. Many of you will have dealt with them but may not be aware of what exactly they do.
    Oksana Simonoff
    11 September 2017
    Oksana Simonoff has spent much of her career working in senior tax positions. This year she has shifted her focus to a new pursuit: Democratic Education, by starting a Bush-School in Clevedon, the first of its kind in New Zealand.
    Encouraging Growth and Innovation for SMEs: Parties Provide Policy
    1 September 2017
    It's election time! For accountants, this is an exciting time, as new policies are proposed and implemented, giving us some mental arithmetic and new challenges. We approached the major New Zealand parties and asked them to share their tax vision to encourage growth and innovation for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).
    Business Growth And Getting The Basics Right
    7 August 2017
    From a telecommunications business that started from humble beginnings, to one that was ranked amongst the best in this country for customer satisfaction in 2016, NOW CEO Hamish White says the company’s success comes down to “a customer-led business model and getting the basics right”.
    Accountant by day, Ironman by night
    9 February 2017
    The words athlete and accountant don’t usually come up within the same sentence but in Jed Eden’s case, this has been part of his life for 10 years, and finally he can say he’s made it!
    2016, A Year of Change for Not-For-Profit Organisations
    13 October 2016
    There has been a significant change in the financial reporting and audit requirements for charities which commenced from 31 March 2016 year end onward. This has led to much more onerous and prescriptive reporting requirements for Non-Profit organisations.
    Staples Rodway Auckland appoints three new Associate Directors
    4 October 2016
    Staples Rodway Auckland has promoted three of its team from Senior Manager to Associate Director. Kaison Chang, Sonia Gaskin and Sachin Patel have received the promotions in recognition of their dedication and expertise.
    Staples Rodway and Dancing with the Stars
    16 June 2015
    Following our very own Charlie Billington dancing with Siobhan Marshall.
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