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    Persistence Pays Off For Award Winning Family Business
    16 October 2017
    Setting up a business can be a daunting task, filled with a lot of unknowns. This was certainly the case for husband and wife team Steve and Angela Bevan, owners of award winning irrigation business; Think Water New Plymouth.
    Your Options for Managing Provisional Tax
    12 October 2016
    We have had a lot of success in reducing interest costs and penalties by using tax pooling and tax deposits. There are upcoming changes to the provisional tax regime which will reduce many individuals and trusts exposure to interest. These changes are set to take place from 1 April 2017.
  • Image of a man turning a tap with a house coming out of the tap
    Unexpected consequences of new residential LVR restrictions
    18 August 2016
    Tony Maginness explains the potential impact of the new residential LVR restrictions on New Zealand businesses and what you can do to find alternative forms of funding.
  • Man falling from broken ladder
    Seven Indicators of Future Business Failure
    21 July 2016
    Owning and operating a business is fun, but also stressful. The stress arises when you begin to question whether you are making the right decisions. Look out for the signs that your business could be heading for trouble.
  • Image of a man holding a piece of a pie chart on his head
    How Could Liquidation Affect You?
    21 June 2016
    The recent closure of electronics retailer, Dick Smith, leading to around $400 million of debt being owed, poses many questions about how to protect yourself as a creditor and what to do next if you are unfortunate enough to be in this situation.
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