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    Tax Talk | Budget 2018
    17 May 2018
    Budget 2018 has seen the government keep its promise of no new taxes, but with plenty of extra revenue to spend on government provided services.
    Tax Talk | May 2018
    10 May 2018
    In the May edition of Tax Talk we cover R&D tax incentives, ring fencing on rental losses and GST on non-deductible entertainment and low value imported goods.
    Tax Freedom Day two days later than last year
    6 May 2018
    The impact of cancelling the tax relief package has been revealed: one day’s worth of taxes.
    Tax Talk | April 2018
    9 April 2018
    Welcome to the April 2018 issue of Tax Talk. In this edition we discuss: overseas buyer restrictions on the way, new tax obligations for trusts with international connections, PIE investor obligations as well as the five-year bright-line test being enacted.
    Staples Rodway Pre-Budget Poll 2018
    4 April 2018
    Budget day is on the 17th of May. Tell us how you think that the economy is performing and your opinions on how the government is going.
    Ask An Expert - Capital Gains On Property
    19 March 2018
    In our regular feature we answer readers’ questions on any area in the world of finance, accounting, audit, tax, and other business-related areas. This issue's query is regarding capital tax.
    Bright-Line Test To Be Extended To Five Years
    19 February 2018
    Changes to the current Bill in Parliament extending the two year Bright-line test to five years, and how it may affect you.
    What the Tax?! Free Seminar
    4 February 2018
    We are here to make the running of your business as smooth and rewarding as possible, which is why we have designed this workshop specifically for people who may be new to owning a business or find books a challenge.
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    Tax Talk | January 2018
    22 January 2018
    Welcome to the January 2018 issue of Tax Talk. In this edition we discuss: GST changes for exporters to Australia, Virtual currencies (Bitcoin etc) and real taxes and International tax changes.
  • Tax Talk
    Tax Talk | November 2017
    7 November 2017
    In the November edition of Tax Talk we cover new changes regarding FBT and motor vehicles provided by small companies, the current IRD stance on vehicles taken home for security-purposes and potential tax changes looming both Internationally and on our doorstep.
  • Tax Talk
    Tax Talk: Tax in a Vacuum | September 2017
    20 September 2017
    In this edition we discuss: What happens when fundamental tax changes are deferred FBT on Motor Vehicles Directors' fees and withholding tax
    Trustees and Settlors Beware: Family Trusts Don't Travel Well
    10 September 2017
    Don’t let the Taxman become a major beneficiary of your family’s wealth. The potential tax damage wrought on trusts when the individuals who happen to be the settlors or trustees of the trust relocate overseas for a period.
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