Company Directorships, Governance & Administration

Staples Rodway provide a full suite of services to assist with company governance and administration, including providing professional and independent Directors. We have been providing governance services for decades and have Directors with a wealth of business and governance experience across businesses of all sizes and industries.

The role of Company Director

The role of external Company Directors is to:

  • offer fresh thinking and provide additional skills and knowledge
  • encourage accountability and transparency
  • reduce risk for the company and other Directors
  • consider the strategic vision for the company
  • have extensive networks to help the company grow

Despite not being involved in the day to day management of the company, Directors can still be subject to prosecution, fines and even imprisonment if there are accidents or financial issues. Because of this, being a Director means that there should be active engagement and commitment of time to ensure that the Director’s duties are properly carried out, matters are fully considered and risks are properly managed.

Staples Rodway can provide independent Directors that can take a formal appointment to Boards of Directors.

These appointments are valuable where stakeholders see value in a professional and independent Board member that can provide specialist skills in all of the above areas.

New Zealand Resident Directors

From 1 May 2015 all newly incorporated New Zealand companies have been required to have at least one Director who is either living in New Zealand or living in Australia and is also a Director of an Australian company. From 28 October 2015 these requirements will also apply to New Zealand companies incorporated before 1 May.

If you represent a New Zealand company that requires a New Zealand resident Director we would be happy to discuss taking on the role. In that case, one of our Directors would become a Director of the company, enabling it to comply with this requirement.

Company Administration

It’s not just the annual return! Any time there are changes in ownership, directorship or many other matters, Companies Act requirements must be met. The administration requirements for New Zealand incorporated companies have increased over recent years, as have Companies Office policing of those requirements and their willingness to penalise Company Directors for non-compliance.

Staples Rodway is a safe pair of hands who currently handle company administration requirements for hundreds of companies.

Improve Governance to accelerate Performance

Company Directors are just one part of company governance. As companies grow in size, demands increase from stakeholders, financiers and regulators. The design of appropriate governance structures to support business owners and operational management is therefore vital. Key points to be decided when reviewing governance matters include:

  • Composition of the Board of Directors
  • Reviews of Board Performance
  • Advisory Board memberships
  • Audit committee members
  • Strategic reviews of business activities
  • Reviews of Management performance and alignment to strategic objectives

Advisory board members generally operate as mentors, and may attend Board meetings as an independent advisor to a Board.

Staples Rodway has been providing governance services for decades and has Directors with a wealth of business and governance experience across businesses of all sizes and industries who are qualified to assist with developing governance strategies, willing to undertake appointments to advisory boards and take on formal board appointments.

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