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Strategic business planning is all about maximising profits and minimising costs or waste. With our experience working in a wide range of NZ business environments and our tailored business intelligence software, we can provide you with solutions that add real value to the bottom line. With over 65 years as an independent accountancy firm we’ve seen a lot of situations before and know the dynamics of many sectors – plus we can help you achieve your global ambitions through the Baker Tilly international network.

The Business Life Cycle

There are 5 distinct stages in the life cycle of a business. Not every business will necessarily go through every stage, but the needs, challenges and strategies of the business will evolve and change as it makes its journey.

Staples Rodway’s Corporate Advisory team is equipped with the know how and experience to help you maximise opportunities at the stage where you business is at right now, and where you want to take it in the future.



  • Profit Enhancement
  • Risk Management
  • Cashflow Modelling



  • Capital Raising
  • Debt Advisory
  • Planning Models
  • Valuation Consulting



  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Debt Recovery
  • Asset Securitisation



  • Asset Protection
  • Succession Planning
  • Management Buy Out
  • Divestments

Capital Raising

Our capital raising approach is very process driven and as such requires a collaborative effort with shareholders, directors and management to identify and obtain the optimal source of capital. We are fully independent from financial institutions and intermediaries (who often have their own product set to promote) and we can therefore provide discreet, impartial advice targeted solely at finding the best funding solution for a given business.

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    Early stage ventures are often unable to attract capital from more traditional sources and must look to venture capitalists for funding. We are familiar with the identities  of these investors, the valuation approach that they typically adopt and the types of terms that they typically attempt to negotiate. We can assist businesses looking to raise early stage capital with:

    • Financial modeling and valuation of the business opportunity
    • Preparation of information memoranda
    • Identification of/ and approaches to potential investors
    • Development and negotiation of terms and conditions of investment
    • Control of due diligence
    • Contract development and documentation
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    We provide independent advice to businesses looking to establish or restructure debt facilities.


    • Pre-lending financial “health-check” assessment
    • Cash flow modeling and economic value assessment
    • Debt structuring advice
    • Preparation of funding proposals
    • Presentation to and negotiation with funding providers



    • Performance monitoring and reporting
    • Facility review
    • Debt restructuring advice
    • Financial distress assessment and recommendation
    • Turnaround advice
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    For more developed businesses, or businesses in expansion phase, we are able to assist in raising more traditional equity funding from a range of experienced investors. While it is preferable to raise equity capital other than by way of public offering, it may become necessary to widen the pool of potential investors approached to the extent that the offer must comply with the provisions of the Securities Act 1978 and related regulations. Whether private placement or public offering, we can assist by:

    • Performing a needs assessment and identifying  preferred sources of capital
    • Project planning and process management
    • Preparing the business for capital raising
    • Valuation advice and offer pricing
    • Development of strategy to marketing offer
    • Preparation of information memorandum or project management around the preparation of more complex documents such as investment statements and prospectuses
    • Management of due diligence (where required)

Valuations and Mergers & Acquisitions

Staples Rodway’s Corporate Advisory team can help clients with all aspects of transactions in their business, including valuations, business broking and performing due diligence.

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    Staples Rodway’s expert valuation team works with clients to help them in their decision making processes by providing a robust approach toward identifying the issues; and greater visibility around the financial and commercial outcomes of alternative solutions. We are active in all areas of value measurement and reporting, producing technically robust results.


    • Assist with valuation of businesses, shares and other forms of equity to support shareholder transactions and to assist clients’ understanding of the value consequences of different strategies and actions.
    • Support your merger and acquisition activities, helping you to understand the value of your business or a target.
    • Independent expert reporting in accordance with the requirements of the Takeovers Code or NZX listing rules.
    • Litigation support, loss of profits calculations and resolution of disputes.



    • Provide valuable input into the structuring of sale and purchase agreements and the pricing of new share issues.
    • Assist with purchase price allocations and subsequent impairment testing of new or existing business units as stipulated by international financial reporting standards.
    • Undertake formal assessments of an organisation’s weighted average cost of capital and capital structure, in order to assist with the long-term management of capital resources
    • Cashflow modelling, forecasting, financial analysis and strategic decision-making.
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    Staples Rodway works with clients on strategic assessments of their M&A needs. We utilise our business broking subsidiary, Baker Tilly Transaction Services, to perform industry research and identify investment targets or potential purchasers. We can assist with the initial approach, investigation and acquisition re-evaluation, as well as contract development and negotiation.

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    Due diligence is not simply a ‘tick the box’ exercise. We work with you to help you in your decision making processes by providing a robust approach toward identifying the issues; and greater visibility around the financial and commercial outcomes of alternative solution, whether you are looking at buying a business or selling your own.

    Our team combines many years of commercial experience and technical knowledge, together with access to technology and a proven methodology, in order to get the most out of the due diligence process. We have the flexibility to respond to tight deadlines and can draw on the expertise of auditors and dedicated taxation consultants, as required.

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