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CPA New Zealand is one of the two professional accounting bodies in New Zealand.

New Zealand has around 3,000 CPA members. CPA members provide tax, audit, finance, accounting, professional services and business advisory services. CPA New Zealand operates as a branch of CPA Australia, which has over 150,000 members, working in 120 countries, with more than 25,000 members working in senior leadership positions.

Staples Rodway is a strong supporter of CPA and has many members, covering a number of areas, including Asian business, audit, business consulting and tax.

Staples Rodway Directors have long held senior positions with leadership roles supporting CPA New Zealand, right back to 2008 when current Auckland Managing Partner David Searle served as President of New Zealand’s Branch Council, with ongoing leadership roles until 2014.

Currently Auckland Tax Director Andrew Dickeson is the President of New Zealand’s Branch Council, with Corporate Advisory Director Tracy Hickman serving as Vice President.

CPA Australia

CPA President and Vice President

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