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The Staples Rodway Critical Point Network is a support network that assists professional advisors.

In all businesses there will come times when they reach critical points, where serious decisions have to be made about their future. These decisions may involve tricky tax issues, valuations or financial modelling. Regardless of the type of decision, most business owners will seek help from their trusted advisors: accountants and lawyers.

Your business as an advisor depends on the quality of professional advice that you are able to provide to clients, but in our increasingly complex environment it can be difficult to keep up with rapid changes and meeting your clients’ needs. It is important that you have someone to turn to for advice on specialist matters which is outside of your areas of expertise.

Staples Rodway’s Critical Point Network has specialist expertise available to provide you with the support you need to be able to continue to service your clients with the high quality advice to which they have become accustomed and thereby enhancing your relationship with them.







Membership Benefits

Membership of the Critical Point Network provides you with access to the following benefits:

  • Our specialist skills to help you provide quality service to clients in areas outside of your immediate areas of expertise
    • There is no charge if the time required to respond to the query takes 10 minutes or less.
    • Should the query require more than 10 minutes to respond, we will provide an estimate of the costs for approval and authorisation before proceeding with the assignment.
  • Regular periodic newsletters, technical updates and seminars, discussion groups and forums to keep you abreast of new developments.
  • Networking events to maintain regular contact with your peers, other professionals and bankers.

How does it work?

Using our network is easy – and membership is free.

We will either consult with you in relation to the client matter or directly with the client, as you prefer and needs dictate. If you introduce us to the client, Staples Rodway will respect the integrity of your relationship and will not infringe on it in any way. We do not accept direct approaches from clients who have been introduced to us by you through CPN. As the primary referral source, you will be kept appraised of all progress in the matter.

Once you are a member, feel free to call us with any queries you may have. Each of our specialist disciplines and contact details are detailed below.

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Fill out the form below to become a CPN Member and receive invitations to CPN events, our quarterly Newsletter and regular technical bulletin updates. If you prefer, we would also be pleased to meet with you and explain some of these great benefits.

Latest Critical Point Network News


10:30AM – 11:45AM, TUES 12th SEPTEMBER

“Netflix Tax” – GST on Cross-Border Digital Products and Remote Services


Given the recent scrutiny applied to Fonterra’s board size, Staples Rodway Director Tracy Hickman considers the optimal board – in theory and in practice.

Contact Tracy Hickman on 09 373 1133 to learn more

Our Specialist areas

We work with clients in a number of areas with a strategic focus on growing businesses. In all instances, the outcome is intended to enable informed decisions, whether from the additional information provided by financial modelling, advice on governance or by helping with IT and HR strategies.

Financial Modelling

The ultimate outcome of a financial modelling engagement is an integrated 3-way income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. These show how a business has performed to date and how it will perform in the future, based on a set of assumptions.

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Staples Rodway has an expert valuation team with many years’ practical and commercial experience. We are active in all areas of value measurement and reporting, producing technically robust results.

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In today’s fast changing environment, people are looking for tax advice which maximises their wealth through legitimate savings, along with the security that their tax affairs are in safe hands.

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Due Diligence and Mergers & Acquisitions

We work with clients to help them in their decision making processes by providing a robust approach toward identifying the issues; and greater visibility around the financial and commercial outcomes of alternative solutions.

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Business Recovery & Turnaround

Staples Rodway have a team of experienced professionals with specialist skills to assist businesses facing complex issues, providing strategic and financial advice to under-performing companies.

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Staples Rodway has a strong reputation for providing quality independent audit, assurance and risk management services.

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Investment Management

Our investment management service is committed to assisting clients to create and protect wealth.

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NZ Company Director Requirements

Staples Rodway provide a full suite of services to assist with company governance and administration.

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Looking to maximise business performance through change or restructure or are seeking better alignment between business goals and people systems or want development for your existing people resource or concerned about HR systems compliance? We have got it covered.

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We can assist you to formulate a strategy that best meets your IT needs for business growth. We can offer an in depth analysis of your requirements covering systems, telecommunications and systems applications.

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