Cyber Security

Staples Rodway’s experienced Technology and Risk advisors provide independent insight on strategic technology and risk issues. We work with company leadership to help ensure strategic decisions are made in the best interest of your business by demystifying the investment and strategic imperatives for technology.


Cyber Security

The risks to your critical systems and data are ever increasing, with rapidly evolving threats to your business. We review and test your current systems, and advise on best cyber security practices, including:

Cyber Security Assessment – Reviewing critical systems and infrastructure to identify key threats.
System Loss Valuation – Evaluating the costs of data loss, disclosure, and system unavailability across critical systems to help guide your cybersecurity investment decisions.
Attack Response Planning – Help you prepare for instances of data loss or disclosure to limit the impact that a breach could have on your business and business reputation.

Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Your organisation relies on its Information Systems to operate and to service your customers. Prolonged periods without core systems can significantly impact on your profitability or even put you out of business.

We can help you prepare for these events by:

Business Continuity Planning – We help you plan, develop, review, and test your business preparedness for critical outages.
IT Disaster Recovery Planning – For each of your key systems a documented plan to recover the platform and data, including a prioritised map to recover multiple systems if needed.

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