Get a clearer picture of your business with our financial modelling services

Financial Modelling

Empower yourself and get greater control and clarity when it comes to making decisions about your business.

Staples Rodway has an expert, multi-disciplinary team trained in financial modelling to ensure the services provided are high quality, low risk and offer excellent value. The use of special software reduces the risk of errors, producing models that are easy to understand and use, and quick to build. The ultimate outcome of a financial modelling engagement is a set of historical and forecast financial statements. These show how a business has performed to date and how it will perform in the future, based on a set of assumptions. Staples Rodway is a New Zealand for Modano financial modelling software Partner.

Growing your business

  • Forecasts prepared using financial modelling can be used to support funding applications, producing a robust integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.
  • Cash flow forecasts will indicate your working capital requirements to support your business growth, and support decision-making.
  • Reports can analyse business performance against forecast/budget and dashboards, tracking your growth versus goals.

Flexible financial modelling

  • The financial model is created in Excel so it can be viewed by anyone with Microsoft Office and allows the model developer flexibility to customise areas.
  • Assumptions and calculations are separately identifiable so the model user can easily change assumptions to understand how the business will perform under different scenarios.
  • The financial model combines generic areas selected for the business to produce a “whole of business financial model” as illustrated in the picture below.

You may be eligible for a financial subsidy of up to 50% towards the cost

Staples Rodway is a registered service provider under the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme. With a voucher, a business can receive a financial subsidy of up to 50% towards the cost of our financial modelling services. The maximum amount a business can receive in one year is $5,000 excluding GST. To be eligible for a voucher a business must meet certain criteria, including that it be operating with 50 or fewer FTEs, be GST registered in New Zealand and be currently trading.

Contact Tracy Hickman or Kathryn Price to learn more

“We are new clients to Staples Rodway, after going through much deliberation we decided we needed a more professional approach to our accounting needs. The team allocated to us is giving us service and accounting/analytical information we would never have received from the firm we were with. In particular, being in property management, the building modelling is really impressive and very helpful. I can recommend this new modelling, and in fact the full services of Staples Rodway.”


Property Manager

“Half way through last year we took on an international agency that literally doubled our business overnight. The cost of the growth curve and information given prior to start date was presented differently from the original information given. We needed to get forecasts out to March 16 for our own use and profit projections, as well as support for additional bank funds. Staples Rodway’s financial model enabled us to do exactly this in a very timely manner, and one which the bank accepts and we can update and amend in our own time when variables arise. It has helped us make decisions by just feeding in various assumptions to see outcomes. A great support for our business.”


Gift Industry

“The financial modelling gives us a great level of comfort knowing exactly where we are month to month.”


Facilities Management Industry

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