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Staples Rodway Asset Management is a boutique investment advisory service that specialises in providing personalised and impartial investment solutions for individuals and trusts.

A total wealth plan

We take the time to understand your needs and propose a solution that is best suited to you, taking a holistic view of total wealth considering your total capital base and any non-financial considerations. We work with you to put in place a total wealth plan that will protect your capital base while also targeting growth and income as needed. It will balance risk and reward to suit your risk tolerance profile and investment expectations.

Our difference

Staples Rodway Asset Management was a joint venture between Staples Rodway Chartered Accountants and SBS Bank.  In June 2018, SBS Bank’s managed funds and investment advisory business, Funds Administration New Zealand Limited (FANZ) acquired the remaining 50% shareholding.  Staples Rodway Asset Management, which has been operating since 2000, has the resources to provide a wide range of investment solutions.

Our offerings

PIE Portfolios

Provide a range of risk profiles and diversification across asset classes while providing the tax benefits of the Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) structure.

Best of Breed Portfolios

Our best ideas for diversified portfolios utilising both Managed Funds and direct investments.

Customised Portfolios

Specialised bespoke portfolios designed to meet individual investor needs, including Charitable Trusts, Immigration Investors, Discretionary Trusts, etc.

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Latest News

2019.02.14 Bitesize Eventbrite

Make the most of your lunch break and join us for a quick, free business lesson and Q+A. Bring your lunch and receive a 15-20min lesson plus the chance to put questions to our talented team. We will hold these sessions every first Wednesday of the month at Johnson Corner, with each session covering a different topic


The Bright-Line Test was promoted by the Government as a simple tool to tax property speculation, but even a simple tool can have complications. Thankfully, Inland Revenue has recently provided some clarification on some of the more complex scenarios.

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At Staples Rodway Asset Management our advisers are passionate about ensuring that clients receive impartial advice and investment solutions that put the client’s interest first.

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (AML/CFT Act) came fully into force on 30 June 2013, for the following purposes:
a)    To detect and deter money laundering and the financing of terrorism; and
b)    To maintain and enhance New Zealand’s International reputation; and
c)    To contribute to public confidence in the financial system.

The AML/CFT Act applies to banks and most financial institutions, and it is essential that we comply. We have implemented additional requirements for verifying identification and addresses for our investors.

Staples Rodway Asset Management Ltd is a member of an approved Dispute Resolution Scheme. If you have a complaint about Staples Rodway Asset Management Ltd, in the first instance you should contact Graham Duston, CEO of Funds Administration New Zealand Limited, (03) 963 4916. If a satisfactory outcome cannot be found then you can contact the Banking Ombudsman Scheme on 0800 805 950, P O Box 10573, Wellington 6143 or at This service will cost you nothing, and will help us resolve any disagreements.

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