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    Charity Funding and Key Considerations
    20 March 2019
    This article provides a summary and examples of how your charity can grow and attract additional funding.
    31 March 2019 Tax Planning Checklist
    4 March 2019
    Leading into the new tax year, now is the ideal time to consider tax issues and, where available, plan opportunities.
    Bite Sized Learning | March 6 - Pay Day Filing
    25 February 2019
    Make the most of your lunch break and join us for a quick, free business lesson and Q+A. Bring your lunch and receive a 15-20min lesson plus the chance to put questions to our talented team. We will hold these sessions every first Wednesday of the month at Johnson Corner, with each session covering a different topic
    Tax Working Group Final Report – Worst Kept Secrets Confirmed
    21 February 2019
    The Tax Working Group has released its final report of recommendations to the government. Most of the recommendations had been predicted in the interim report released in September, with the balance having been discussed in the media by members of the Working Group.
    Introducing: Microsoft Office 365 – Teams
    20 February 2019
    We live in a world where more people are working remotely and on several different projects at a time, so it’s often challenging to keep everyone up to date. It can also be a nightmare keeping all the project information in one, easy to access place. Microsoft Teams can help with this.
    Authentic Marketing - Keeping it real
    20 February 2019
    Consumers are becoming savvy enough to see through false façades and unauthentic marketing, which is ultimately affecting how businesses are now promoting their services or products. So, what does it mean to be ‘authentic’ with your marketing?
    Current Requirements Imposed on Societies
    19 February 2019
    There are a wide range of groups and organisations that have become incorporated societies. These include sports clubs, social clubs, music and cultural groups, special interest and activist organisations. Once a society is incorporated it must be run lawfully and in line with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.
    Research and Development Tax Incentive Scheme
    12 February 2019
    If research and development is big in your business, then the R&D tax incentive scheme introduced by government this year is something you need to know about. If it's not part of your business strategy, then maybe now is the time to look at your processes and decide if R&D is something that could benefit the future of your organisation.”
    New Zealand Charity Reporting Awards 2019
    18 December 2018
    The 2019 New Zealand Charity Reporting Awards is an event run by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) to recognise the efforts of registered charities in adopting financial reporting standards.
    Ask An Expert
    17 December 2018
    Take advantage of our expertise and send your question to and one of our specialists may answer it in a forthcoming issue of NUMBERS. This issue we address the Inland Revenue using Artificial Intelligence tools to review the hospitality industry and what you need to do.
    Texas BBQ Foods - When It's Your First Rodeo
    16 December 2018
    When asked to tell the story of how Texas BBQ came to be, owner Ash Peters says with a grin “…it’s a hobby run amok.” This little hobby has grown rapidly into an award-winning business in just year one.
    Who Owns Your IP?
    16 December 2018
    Intellectual property can be a key driver of value in many businesses. Being proactive before problems appear on the horizon will help to ensure that your company avoids issues.
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