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    Practical Business Growth: Her Thriving Business
    14 August 2017
    Join us on the 22nd of August at Staples Rodway Auckland for Practical Business Growth: Her Thriving Business, where we will be looking at the key areas in your business that you can influence and the strategies you can adopt to achieve growth and improvement.
    Are You Ready To Change How You Account For Revenue?
    8 August 2017
    NZ IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers is the new accounting standard that will replace existing revenue standards and pronouncements in providing guidance on how to account for revenue. The new standard is effective for annual periods from 1 January 2018 and at a minimum one comparative (1 January 2017) period would need to be presented.
    Business Growth And Getting The Basics Right
    7 August 2017
    From a telecommunications business that started from humble beginnings, to one that was ranked amongst the best in this country for customer satisfaction in 2016, NOW CEO Hamish White says the company’s success comes down to “a customer-led business model and getting the basics right”.
    Taxing Challenges Around Cash Flow
    6 August 2017
    Keeping on top of tax payments can be challenging for some businesses. We look at examples of temporary issues that many businesses encounter and explore ways to overcome them.
    Listed Property Trusts And Syndicated Property
    4 August 2017
    Listed Property Trusts and Syndicated Property are a common feature of New Zealand's property-dominated investment market. In this article James Scarr of Staples Rodway Asset Management steps through the key differences between the two investments.
    Succeeding In The Booming Building Industry
    1 August 2017
    In the wake of Fletcher Building’s profit downgrade announcement, there has been a lot of talk about the building industry’s ability to cope with the demands of the current construction peak. It can be said that some companies are over-trading and run the risk of becoming victims of their own success.
    IT Stance - Does your investment in IT match your business needs?
    28 July 2017
    Technology adopters are categorised into one of five groups, recognising the differences in the willingness of firms (or individuals) to be reliant on unproven or novel technology: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards. Which are you?
    Adding Services to Grow Your Business
    27 July 2017
    Managing the growth phase of any business can be a daunting task. You need to add more services that compliment your existing portfolio and support your current client or customer base but finding that right fit can be hard.
    3 Welcome Changes From The IRD
    26 July 2017
    New Zealand was rated as the easiest country for doing business by the World Bank in October 2016, edging out Singapore for the number one spot. Maintaining this position is likely to be helped by recent long overdue (and welcome) changes made by the IRD to reduce the complexity that has crept into the tax rules for small to medium businesses over time.
    Spotlight on Bookkeeping
    26 July 2017
    The number of businesses that lose control of their financial situation due to poor management of their finances is significant. This is why we created SR Books, a service that provides accredited Bookkeepers who have been hand picked and matched to our clients based on their skill set.
    Inland Revenue: Simplifying Life
    25 July 2017
    Some positive tax changes have been enacted which we think will certainly help our clients deal with the ever increasing complexity of the tax system.
    How to Turn Your Kids into Smart Savers
    18 July 2017
    With Money Week coming up on 14th August, this is a perfect time to re-visit our Start Small Think BIG campaign, which aims to educate parents and kids on the importance of being financially savvy.
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