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Annual Return Process Requiring Additional Information

Annual Return Process Requiring Additional Information

We’re now collecting additional company information in the annual return process. If you chose to provide this information it will be publicly available on the Companies Register and will also be included on the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) Register. All companies registered in New Zealand have been allocated an NZBN and are automatically included on the NZBN Register. THe NZBN is a unique identifier that links to the information you’re most often asked to share when doing business – like phone number and email address.

Others you work with can find your business details on the NZBN Register, meaning you won’t have to keep repeating this information when dealing with someone new or when something changes. Over time, your business will be able to use the NZBN to take advantage of new services, like e-Invoicing.

The additional company information we’re collecting includes:

  • Trading Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website Address
  • Industry Classification
Although voluntary to provide this additional company information, the more details you provide the easier it will be for others like your customers and suppliers to interact with you.
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