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Taranaki Client Profile: The Winning Combination for Construction Business

Taranaki Client Profile: The Winning Combination for Construction Business

With the construction industry, like many others, seeing a huge shift in the way they use technology to maximise profit and improve efficiency, one Staples Rodway Taranaki client has jumped on board and is seeing great results from a more suitable construction based accounting software programme along with a skilled Bookkeeper.

Lifestyle Building and Construction Managing Director, Scott Siffleet, made some crucial decisions in 2015 that would streamline his business in order to offer the best possible service to his Taranaki clients. After taking 100% ownership of his award winning construction business, Scott needed to find a better accounting system that would reduce his workload and a new member of staff to look after the books so approached his Staples Rodway Business Advisor, Daimon Stewart with the view to using their HR division to recruit.

lifestyle-building-imageScott explained, “I went to Daimon with the plan to recruit another permanent member of staff to look after the books 20 hours per week, which had been the set up previously. However, he suggested that I consider the idea of an accredited Bookkeeper through their SR Books service. I must admit I was a little sceptical as the price was $50 per hour as opposed to the hourly cost of recruiting a permanent member of staff, but Daimon reassured me that having a contractor who was experienced in the new accounting software, would greatly reduce my costs and help to improve the accuracy of my books.”

SR Books provides Staples Rodway accredited Bookkeepers and Accountants, contracted to work directly with clients. All of the Bookkeepers are extensively trained in accounting software and skilled at handling commercial transactions across a range of industries so can seamlessly integrate into any business and work efficiently to keep their books up to date.

Scott continued, “We found that the Bookkeeper was so experienced and skilled that the 20 hours per week previously needed to do the accounts now only took 5 hours. We didn’t need to spend time training staff on the new accounting software and have saved a heap of money having one less permanent member of staff. I now spend a lot less time in the office organising payroll and no longer take my laptop home with me; allowing me to spend time with my family and setting up other business ventures.”

If you’d like to learn more about SR Books or would like a free, no obligation quote, contact Daimon Stewart on 06 757 3155 or email

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