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Webinar: GST and Remote Services – The Netflix Tax

Webinar: GST and Remote Services – The Netflix Tax

Photo of Maurits Van Den Berg

Webinar by Maurits van den Berg


Businesses around the world who provide cross-border services are grappling with a new style of tax – “Netflix Tax”.

Effective from 1 October 2016, non-residents that supply “remote services” (e.g. on-line services and insurance) to New Zealand customers will be required to register and account for New Zealand GST.

We will also introduce the Australian Netflix tax – it applies to New Zealand businesses supplying digital products remote services to Australian customers.

Staples Rodway in conjunction with CCH Wolters Kluwer are offering a webinar GST and Remote Services — The Netflix Tax.

Date: Tue 12th September
Time: 10:30AM – 11:45AM
CPD: 1.25 hours
Cost: $180+GST

Learning Outcomes

A broad understanding of the GST remote service rules.


Suited to

Accountants, Lawyers and those that deal with non-resident service providers.



Maurits van den Berg, Senior Manager, Staples Rodway Limited

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