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Ever felt you spend more time working in your business than on your business?
Sick of the never ending cycle of paying bills, managing a payroll, preparing GST etc?
Not getting the management information you want and need to run your business?
Feel that you could gain advantages from new technology but not sure how?

Staples Rodway Auckland offers Staples Rodway Outsourcing (SRO) which effectively takes over your back office accounting and finance function. We manage the delivery of the required outputs whilst providing you with timely and useful information so that you can concentrate on running your business.

The SRO approach is to bring the skills, capabilities and technologies which have long been the sole domain of larger businesses and make them accessible to other New Zealand businesses.

Our outsourcing service offering ensures that you have access to the most up to date technology, systems and processes. We put in place the capability to assess the opportunities and effect internal change where desired.

Objectives of SRO are simple,

  • Make your finance function as efficient as possible
  • Provide you with timely and accurate management information

What we do and how we do it

To ensure a smooth transition we typically “step into the shoes” of your finance and administration staff to understand how your systems and processes operate.

This gives you confidence that nothing will be lost on the transition and minimises the immediate impact of the change to the business.

When we have  identified the monthly activities and requirements, a timetable is put in place that defines:

  • The required regularity of transaction coding to ensure that user generated reports are accurate and up to date
  • A dedicated timeframe for payroll processing and payment
  • A dedicated timeframe for authorisation of GST and other taxes
  • A dedicated timeframe to obtain authorisation of accounts payable
  • The reporting deadline for month end reports.

From this we are able to identify the improvements to systems and processes to make your business stronger and more efficient.

Benefits of using Staples Rodway Outsourcing

Accurate, timely and informative management reports to make business decisions.

One responsible contact for delivery of book-keeping and financial accounting requirements thereby improving efficiency of year end process.

No requirement to manage or train finance staff or resources allowing you to focus more of your efforts on customers, sales and other business operations.

Ability to proactively identify, assess and deliver internal change.

Flexibility for the book-keeping and accounting resource to grow or contract with your business.

Known and trusted service delivery.

Reduced risk of fraud.

Our people are experienced at operating in the business environment and handling commercial tasks and transactions. They include book-keepers, management accountants, system accountants, payroll clerks and financial controllers.

Typical Services

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    Financial Administration

    • Receipt of mail and correspondence to dedicated PO Box, email address and fax.
    • Collation and forwarding of information in accordance with set timeframes
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    Accounts Payable

    • Receipt of inbound invoices to dedicated PO Box, email address and fax
    • Entry of invoices into platform for authorisation
    • Entry of invoices into GL system as Accounts Payable
    • Batch payments in accordance with determined payment rules
    • Manage authorisation (if required) and payment of invoices
    • Recording payment against Accounts Payable ledger
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    Accounts Receivable

    • Raise invoices
    • Request Authorisation
    • Send invoices
    • Record payment
    • Review monthly receivables
    • Chase errant receivables
    • Initiate further action as required
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    Treasury / Manage Cashflow

    • Set up rolling forecast tool (requires Annual Budget)
    • Prepare (Monthly) Cashflow report
    • Review and report on cashflow
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    Fixed Assets

    • Enter acquired / disposed assets into Fixed Asset Register
    • Run depreciation
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    General Ledger Maintenance

    • Complete Balance Sheet Reconciliations
    • Investigate reconciling items
    • Prepare Month End Journals
    • Prepare Month End Accruals
    • Review Month End financial reports
    • Prepare GST returns
    • Prepare RWT returns (as required)
    • Prepare FBT as required (as required)
    • Review Other Indirect Taxes (as required)
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    Management Reporting

    • Prepare Annual Budget
    • Enter Annual Budget into GL system
    • Define (Monthly) Reporting Pack
    • Prepare (Monthly) Reporting Pack
    • Meet and discuss
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    Statutory Compliance

    • Prepare financial statements as required by appropriate financial reporting framework
    • Prepare income tax returns
    • Administer income tax balances
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    Company Secretarial

    • File Annual Return
    • Act as Registered Office
    • Maintain company minute book


In this ever changing, fast moving business environment we have identified a major transformation taking place – smart technology is enabling more efficient back office processes and reporting.

Third party infrastructure hosting and the emergence of cloud based software as a service (“SaaS”) applications are allowing the new internet based systems to break down the constrictive traditional physical walls surrounding business. This is enabling businesses to operate differently yet not all businesses have the time and resources to implement these advancements.

Small and medium sized businesses have traditionally not had the luxury of employing a payroll clerk, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, management accountant, systems accountant and a financial controller.  Often it falls to one or two people to fulfil all functions. In our experience this results in an environment where all tasks are done “ok” but the ability to be implement proactive change is not a top priority. This results in the business missing out on the benefit of a strong and contributing finance function.

With the resources and capabilities that SRO has available we are able to provide your business with an efficient and timely service that delivers greater value.

Contact Mark Kingsford on 09 373 1125 to learn more

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