Business Recovery & Turnaround

All businesses will face challenge at some stage in their life cycle, whether arising from internal pressures, external events or economic conditions.

Staples Rodway have a team of experienced professionals with specialist skills to assist businesses facing complex issues. We provide strategic and financial advice to under-performing companies and have a track record of restoring stability and value to businesses threatened by operational or financial difficulties.

Our approach is inclusive and, wherever possible, we work towards mutually agreeable solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders and maximise the position for the affected business.



Our team have practical experience in maximising clients’ positions, right from the early stages of trouble, with proven and effective strategies addressing:

  • Business recovery
  • Strategic restructuring
  • Refinancing
  • Performance improvement
  • Forecasting
  • Business plan analysis
  • Business governance


If matters deteriorate to a point where continued business under the present structure may no longer be viable, options may narrow down to:

  • Voluntary Administration
  • Formal creditor compromise
  • Innovative realisation strategies
  • Liquidations
  • Receivership

We can advise on the relative merits of each approach, based on the particular circumstances; and have expertise available to achieve the effective, efficient and timely implementation of the chosen option.

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