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Critical Point Network

The Staples Rodway Critical Point Network is a support network that assists professional advisors.

Staples Rodway’s Critical Point Network has specialist expertise available to provide you with the support you need to be able to continue to service your clients with the high quality advice to which they have become accustomed and thereby enhancing your relationship with them.

Membership is free and gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Our specialist skills to help you provide quality service to clients in areas outside of your immediate areas of expertise (no charge if the time required to respond to the query takes 10 minutes or less)
  • Regular periodic newsletters, technical updates and seminars, discussion groups and forums to keep you abreast of new developments.
  • Networking events to maintain regular contact with your peers, other professionals and bankers.
evault is a service provided to our Auckland clients for payment of their Staples Rodway invoices. Click to find out more or to log in.


Evault allows us to provide Staples Rodway Auckland clients with:

  • Interactive electronic invoices
  • On-line 24X7 access to their accounts where they can view, provide feedback and make payments
  • Email reminders of invoice due dates
  • Online update of contact details, including the ability to choose whether communications should be sent by electronic or paper formats (or both).

Evault also enables us to email additional copies of invoices and in the future to provide secure online access to documents that we hold on clients’ behalf.

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Training & Education

Staples Rodway have an experienced team of business trainers and workshop facilitators who provide workshops on a range of financial, taxation, human resources, exporting, business planning & strategy topics.

Because we work closely with our clients, we understand the challenges they face and the knowledge gaps that are common. Our training is practical, not theoretical and our sessions are interactive which helps keep participants engaged. Attendees of our workshops will leave with practical tools they can apply in their day to day roles or in the management of their own businesses.

Having had many years experience presenting workshops to a range of audiences, our team can tailor the seminar or workshop to meet your specific needs and ensure examples given are relevant to your particular business. We can also incorporate a range of topics into a full day workshop for example a mixture of strategy, costing, financial analysis and human resource issues are often a popular combination.

There is a wide range of topics which can be presented as either face to face workshops or webinars.

Government Assistance

Are you aware that your business may be eligible for assistance in the form of grants, business advice or even overseas office space?

From research and development to hiring labour, there is a wide variety of assistance available to New Zealand businesses. It is commonly misconceived that the help is only for start-ups, but there are also a number of initiatives for mature organisations of all sizes. Grants may be given to develop new products and markets, including research and development and commercialisation of your ideas. There are a number of subsidies available if you are in a position to provide roles for the long-term unemployed, disadvantaged or people with disabilities. In addition, if you are exploring international markets, there are also services provided by overseas organisations such as the Japan External Trade Organisation.


In the first instance, contact your Regional Business Partner (see map).

Whilst some of the larger funding applications may take some time to process, it could take just a few days to process the under $5,000 funds and around 2-3 weeks for a decision on applications up to $30,000. The majority of funding is on a 50/50 basis paid at the end of the project. Claims cannot be retrospective, so if you are about to start an R&D project, or trying to access a new market, then look for assistance now!

If you are interested in the opportunities for employers see the Work and Income New Zealand website or details on how to apply.

Click here for further details of all of the assistance on offer. You may also wish to contact your usual advisor for further assistance with the application processes.

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