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Volatility in farming has become the new norm and having timely, accurate and relevant information is vital to making the right decisions. The Staples Rodway Rural team are specialists dedicated to providing highly relevant, timely and accurate financial information to the rural sector in a format that makes sense.

The agricultural industry is unique to any other industry in New Zealand, so we tailor our reporting products to meet your needs. No one computer system has all the answers.

Our Rural Team can help with:

  • Providing timely management reports
  • Completing budgets and actively monitoring these against actual costs
  • Regular profit, cashflow and tax forecasting
  • IRD compliance
  • A collaborative approach to achieving farming goals of herd/farm ownership and inter-generational ownership plans
  • Specialised rural advice around planning for and achieving equity growth
  • Governance advice for large scale operations, including farming syndicates
  • Employment agreements and payroll support
  • Benchmarking reporting
  • Health & safety obligations
  • Succession planning

Contact one of our Rural specialists today

  • Greg Eden
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Merryn Telfer
    Business Advice | Specialist Services | Rural | Waikato
  • Lindsay Dick
    Business Advice | Christchurch
  • Alison Turner
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Leigh Buchanan
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • David Heald
    Business Advice | Waikato
  • Marise James
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Justin Robinson
    Business Advice | Christchurch
  • Philip Macey
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Dave Sawers
    Business Advice | Hawkes Bay
  • Steve Vollebregt
    Business Advice | Waikato
  • Chris Lynch
    Tax | Taranaki
  • Bevan Condin
    Business Advice | Hawkes Bay
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