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Staples Rodway Taranaki is one of Taranaki’s leading accounting firms. We have a team of 8 Directors leading a staff of over 80. We offer a range of services additional to accounting including HR, IT, Marketing, Insolvency, Audit and Taxation. As business advisors we’re all about people and just like the diverse ranges of towns that make up our province, all of our clients are very different – a bit like us – we’re ‘not so ordinary’ chartered accountants.

Our Specialist areas

While our core business is providing accounting services, we’ve always been much more than that. Unlike some accountants, we offer a whole business package – providing Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Tax, Assurance and IT expertise to all areas of the business, ultimately adding much more value. We’re all about knowledge, and sharing that knowledge to help you grow and develop a way of life that’s valuable to you and your business.

Business Advice

Our team of Business Advisors can assist in many ways, whether it’s taking care of your compliance and other statutory obligations or providing pragmatic added value advice. We can leverage your exposure to multiple businesses across various industries to provide real insight into the environment you work in and provide advice based on practical experience.

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In today’s fast changing environment, people are looking for tax advice which maximises their wealth through legitimate savings, along with the security that their tax affairs are in safe hands. Our specialist team of experienced tax advisors provide a broad range of services. We pride ourselves on finding an appropriate balance of technically correct advice that is commercially robust.

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Staples Rodway has a strong reputation for providing quality independent audit, assurance and risk management services. Whether to meet legal requirements, or satisfy the needs of financiers, shareholders or other stakeholders, our clients value not only the robust assurance our services provide, but also our pragmatic and commercial approach, which seeks to add value and improve business performance.

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Information Technology

We can assist you to formulate a strategy that best meets your IT needs for business growth, with an in-depth analysis of your requirements covering systems, telecommunications and systems applications. Our advice is aimed at helping you decide the direction you want to take your business.

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Human Resources & Organisation Development

Looking to maximise business performance through change or restructure or are seeking better alignment between business goals and people systems or want development for your existing people resource or concerned about HR systems compliance?  We have got it covered.

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Marketing Communications & Design

Staples Rodway’s team of marketing and design professionals are here to help Taranaki businesses grow. Whether you need to raise the profile of your business within a specific target segment, or launch a new product to the masses, we can help you create marketing campaigns that get results.

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Staples Rodway RealTime

Ever felt you spend more time working in your business than on your business? Staples Rodway introduces Staples Rodway Realtime which effectively takes over your back office accounting and finance function to free you up to do what you do best.

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Volatility in farming has become the new norm and having timely, accurate and relevant information is vital to making the right decisions. We are specialists dedicated to providing highly relevant, timely and accurate financial information to the rural sector in a format that makes sense.

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SR Books

Our bookkeeping services are aimed at assisting small businesses with the myriad of administrative and bookkeeping tasks that are so essential but often end up in the “too hard” basket.

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109-113 Powderham Street,
PO Box 146,

PHONE: +64 6 757 3155
FAX: +64 6 757 5081



78 Miranda Street,
PO Box 82,

PHONE: +64 6 765 6949
FAX: +64 6 765 8342

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Meet some of the team

At Staples Rodway we are anything but cookie cutter bean counters. It’s our people that set us apart. Introducing some of the Staples Rodway Taranaki team…

  • Philip Macey
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Alison Turner
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Marise James
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Rob McEwan
    Business Computing Services | Taranaki
  • Greg Eden
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Chris Lynch
    Tax | Taranaki
  • Daimon Stewart
    Business Advice | Taranaki
  • Carolyn Jackson
    Audit and Tax | Taranaki

Latest Articles

Book a course or seminar

Book now for one of our upcoming courses or seminars. Places are limited, so be in quick!

The course will enable the owner to understand a set of financial statements and to analyse the key information they contain. Key ratios will be explained that enable decision making along with the working capital cycle with particular focus on credit and debt management.

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NZTE funding available (criteria applies)

Our team will provide a dynamic workshop, providing techniques and tools so you can avoid one bad apple spoiling the bunch. Expect to walk away with a deeper understanding of how to successfully recruit the best person for your business.

$250 + gst pp
NZTE funding available (criteria applies)

More info here.

An introduction to the theory of business planning; incorporating goal setting (business & personal), the stages of a business’ development to achieve growth, SWOT Analysis including the analysis of a business’ competitive advantage, setting targets and Key Performance Indicators and the development of action plans to achieve a business’ vision/goals. Attendees will be provided templates to then implement, outside of the workshop, what they have learnt.

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NZTE funding available (criteria applies)

Employment and HR law can be very complicated. This workshop is designed for business owners and managers to receive insights on Employment Relations and Compliance. We will ensure you are clear on your duties and obligations and understand the risks, before we lead into a snapshot of the potential impact from the new laws and regulations introduced by the new government.

Cost: $290 + GST pp (NZTE Funding available)

More information here.

We are here to make the running of your business as smooth and rewarding as possible, which is why we have designed this workshop specifically for people who may be new to owning a business or find books a challenge. Whether you’re a small start-up business or a successful business owner with some questions about tax, this workshop will help to save you money and take the stress out of managing your books. It will also be a great opportunity to pick the brains of our Accountants, HR consultants and IT experts as well as giving you the opportunity to network with like-minded business people.


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Our specialist advisors will talk you through everything you need to know to get your cash flow on track; a vital part of any business. You will come away from the session knowing exactly what causes poor cash flow and strategies to improve and therefore succeed in the commercial world.

To find out more click here

If you’ve heard about the latest Ransom Ware attacks, then you’re aware of the importance of securing and backing up your systems. Here, our IT Director, Rob McEwan, explains how you can reduce the risk of having to cough up to these cyber criminals with regular, automated offsite backups.

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We deliver MYOB Up-skill training sessions to help clients and non clients to get the most out of their accounting software.

Find out more here.

Xero is a great tool for small to medium sized businesses as a way to save you or your accounts person time with clear, clean data and information with just a few clicks. With year end approaching we want to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge on how to use Xeros features and functions correctly, so that:

  • You are clear on the process involved
  • You are clear on the various items of a balance sheet
  • You understand how to analyse the Profit and Loss report

Click here to register.

A comprehensive introduction to the essential techniques for planning, managing, controlling and developing strategy to enhance project management capability using modern Project planning tools – Microsoft Project.

This training course is held in a tailor-made training suite at the Staples Rodway office in New Plymouth CBD. Your business may also qualify for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise capability funding (50% subsidy).

Find out more here.

We deliver Xero Up-skill training sessions to help clients and non clients to get the most out of their accounting software. Our Xero experts will focus on a different functionality within  each Xero session.

Utilise our vast industry experience so you can improve the productivity of your accounts.

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What our clients have to say

Living and Working in Taranaki

While Taranaki is a great place to visit, it’s an even better place to live and work. Taranaki provides its residents with the opportunity to have a work life balance which is essential in today’s world. Staples Rodway in New Plymouth is only a short walking distance to the middle of town, the amazing waterfront walkway, the park and so much more, allowing staff to escape the busyness of the office at lunch time to recharge the batteries. Here the staff of Staples Rodway tell you their experience of living and working in Taranaki.

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