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Aniela Tkacz

Aniela Tkacz
Specialist ServicesNational Technical ManagerAuckland, Waikato

Aniela is an experienced technical accountant who works with clients to position themselves strategically for upcoming changes in financial reporting. She is passionate about communicating complex financial reporting issues clearly and simply and ensuring that clients understand their options and what is coming on the horizon.

Aniela has a breadth of experience across extractive industries, telecommunications and standards-setting. She has just returned from working in the UK for a FTSE 20 extractive industry company where she was the Technical Accountant for the South American, Australian and Coal operations.

  • Share-based payment arrangements
  • Valuation and impairment considerations
  • Horizon-scanning – changes in financial reporting
  • Extractive industries
  • Telecommunciations
  • Bachelor of Business and Administration, Victoria University
  • CA, Institute of Chartered Accountants, New Zealand

Articles by Aniela Tkacz

    Are You Ready To Change How You Account For Revenue?
    8 August 2017
    NZ IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers is the new accounting standard that will replace existing revenue standards and pronouncements in providing guidance on how to account for revenue. The new standard is effective for annual periods from 1 January 2018 and at a minimum one comparative (1 January 2017) period would need to be presented.
    Making Sense of Financial Statements
    1 July 2016
    Changes to reporting may be huge, but the fundamentals remain – present financial statements that give a true and fair view of the organisation.
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