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Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor
Business Advice, Business SalesBusiness Development ManagerTaranaki

Greg has a vast array of experience in sales and management within the Taranaki region. He is an expert networker and is passionate about finding IT solutions for businesses and supporting clients to get the best out of their computer system. He has had a varied career which puts him in a great position to understand the needs of a range of clients. One of his biggest achievements was helping to set up the first Warehouse Stationery store in New Plymouth and Rotorua.

Greg has previously worked within the IT department of the Royal Bank of Scotland Trust Bank, looking after the back-ups and file restorations for Lloyds, Credit Suisse and Bank of New York, a crucial part of computer security. As the Business Development Manager within the Business Computer Services team, Greg spends much of his time educating business owners of the importance of security and how to best implement the most effective tools for their needs.

  • Back-ups and anti-virus advice
  • Office 365
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Media Industry
  • Financial Industry
  • Retail Industry

Articles by Greg Taylor

    Introducing: Microsoft Office 365 – Teams
    20 February 2019
    We live in a world where more people are working remotely and on several different projects at a time, so it’s often challenging to keep everyone up to date. It can also be a nightmare keeping all the project information in one, easy to access place. Microsoft Teams can help with this.
    One Drive for Business
    2 August 2018
    Mobility. Collaboration. Work life balance. Just a few of the words to describe how business owners and staff would like to work in the perfect office environment.
  • Image of hands holding smart phones
    10 Life-Hacking Apps of 2018 - to help you be the most efficient you
    7 March 2018
    Technology is a great way to encourage a healthy balance, or to encourage efficiencies that otherwise may not be possible. With smart phone apps becoming a necessity in our day-to-day, we've searched high and low to create a list of applications to help you be the most efficient you and make 2018 your best year yet.
  • Image of a tablet and tools with the text Why Tradies Should back Up
    Why Tradies Should Back Up
    25 January 2018
    The truth is that she won’t “be right”. Last year a local building company was subject to a sophisticated hacking scam that cost at least 3 firms $25,000. Your client information, banking history or just the satisfaction of disrupting a business is of interest to hackers.
  • Image of a man dropping a coin into the top of a smart phone which has a donation box on the screen
    The Power of Technology to Enhance your Philanthropy
    11 December 2017
    Technology has quickly changed how charities engage with potential supporters and extract donations as fewer people carry change. But it's not just money that these organisations require, IT sources and skills are also in high demand and technology has made it possible to find help at the click of a button.
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