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Kylie Hollard

Kylie Hollard
Business Advice, Specialist ServicesDirectorTaranaki

Kylie is one of 9 directors of the firm and started as a graduate accountant with Staples Rodway back in 1994 and became CA qualified in 1997.

Kylie spent her early years on secondment in the oil and gas and engineering sectors and took a break from the CA environment and worked as a Management and Financial Accountant at McKechnie Metals for 5 years.

Kylie’s main focus is commercial businesses and providing them with business advice and meeting their tax requirements. She particularly enjoys helping start up business and those in the growth stage. Working in the commercial environment as well as having her husband running a market gardening business (plus 3 children) has given her the skills and knowledge to know first-hand how businesses run and the struggles they can sometime endure.

The process for all businesses, no matter what size stem from the same principles, they are just adapted to the industry and the size of the operation. Client contact is very important and Kylie enjoys adding value to the financial information they receive.

Kylie is involved with solvent and insolvent liquidations and has an interest in business valuations.

  • Preparation of Accounts and Tax Returns
  • Small Business Software Solutions
  • Experience in Accomplish Cashmanager, Accredo, Plusfactor and Xero
  • Liquidations solvent and insolvent
  • Budgeting
  • Business Planning
  • Tax Audits
  • Valuations
  • Management Accountant and Financial Accountant at Mckechnie Metals - Aluminium Extrusion Plant for 5 years
  • Oil and Gas Industry secondment
  • Manufacturing
  • Building and Trades
  • Retail and wholesaling operations
  • Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • The Network

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