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Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd

Mike is an experienced tax advisor who works with clients to ensure they are making the most of tax opportunities and effectively managing tax risks. He is passionate about communicating complex tax issues clearly and simply and ensuring that clients understand their options.

He has more than 20 years experience in New Zealand and UK tax and, before joining Staples Rodway, worked for 7 years as a tax advisor in a "big four" firm in Auckland. He spent 5 years working in the UK where he was European Tax Director for a large technology group, planning and implementing the cross-border restructure of the corporate group and trading operations.

Mike presents regularly on tax matters to industry bodies and New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants seminars.

  • Assisting businesses establishing operations outside NZ
  • Tax effective cross-border structuring
  • Inbound businesses establishing in NZ
  • Tax effective business ownership
  • Assistance with IRD investigations/disputes
  • Tax Consulting and compliance
  • Technology and intellectual property
  • Property and construction
  • Finance and investment
  • Manufacturing
  • Bachelor of Arts, Auckland University
  • Bachelor of Business Studies, AUT
  • CA, Institute of Chartered Accountants, New Zealand
  • Member, the International Fiscal Association
  • Chartered Tax Advisor, United Kingdom

Articles by Mike Rudd

  • Image of man with globe
    International Disclosure of Financial Information
    27 June 2018
    The recent Automatic Exchange of Information law (AEOI), which came in on July 2017, requires New Zealand banks to undertake due diligence on the foreign tax status of their customers and provide relevant information to the IRD. Failing to do this may result in frozen accounts.
  • Image of scissors cutting the ball and chain attached to a man
    Tax Freedom Day
    26 June 2018
    Tax Freedom Day marks the hypothetical day that New Zealanders stop working to pay the nation’s tax bill and start working for themselves.
  • Man holding key to unlock other man's handcuffs
    Tax Freedom Day Two Days Later Than Last Year
    6 May 2018
    The impact of cancelling the tax relief package has been revealed: one day’s worth of taxes.
  • Image of money on a fish hook
    Encouraging Growth and Innovation for SMEs: Parties Provide Policy
    1 September 2017
    It's election time! For accountants, this is an exciting time, as new policies are proposed and implemented, giving us some mental arithmetic and new challenges. We approached the major New Zealand parties and asked them to share their tax vision to encourage growth and innovation for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Image of a man looking at dollar signs on the ground with a magnifying glass
    Budget 2017: Pennies from Heaven
    25 May 2017
    Here were some of the tax related highlights for the 2017 budget...
    Tax Freedom Day: Kiwis paying more tax year-on-year
    8 May 2017
    Today marks the day that New Zealanders have collectively paid off their tax bill for the year and can keep the rest of their income for themselves in what has been coined national Tax Freedom Day.
    Land Tax case a satisfying win for Staples Rodway client
    28 March 2017
    Winning a July 2016 Taxation Review Authority (TRA) decision recently saved a Staples Rodway client nearly $1 million in income tax. The taxpayer involved is a long-standing client, and the Taxation Review Authority case was presented by Staples Rodway Auckland’s Mike Rudd, a Tax Director, with the assistance of Phil Pavis, a Business Advisory Director.
  • Image of a gift basket
    Tax Talk: Gifts of wine and food – Inland Revenue policy change
    8 December 2016
    With Christmas just around the corner and client, employee or supplier gifts on the to-do list of most businesses, it is important to consider the recent change in IRD policy on the tax deductibility of such gifts.
  • Image of two hands holding a folder labelled Offshore Investments
    Automatic Tax Information Sharing is Coming
    9 November 2016
    Important changes are coming in the world of international investment, and will affect individuals, trusts and companies who hold investments in countries outside their place of tax residence.
    Government to Make Tax Easier for Small Businesses
    22 April 2016
    As part of Inland Revenue’s transformation programme, the Government has announced proposed changes to provisional tax and withholding tax, along with other minor changes which promise to simplify tax for small to medium business.
    31 March 2016 Tax Planning Checklist
    15 March 2016
    With 31 March approaching, now is the ideal time to consider tax issues and, where available, planning opportunities.
    When is Building Expenditure Tax Deductible?
    13 May 2013
    One of the key tax considerations encompassing the cost of building work is the distinction between what is capital expenditure and what is revenue. Up until 2012, classifying expenditure on a building as capital meant that tax depreciation could be claimed, compared to revenue expenditure where a tax deduction for the full amount could be claimed when incurred.
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