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At Staples Rodway we are anything but cookie cutter bean counters. It’s our people that set us apart. Get to know the people that make Staples Rodway tick.

Ross Erskine

Ross Erskine
Business AdviceConsultantChristchurch

Ross is a consultant, however he was a Director for Staples Rodway from 1978 through to March 2017. Ross was also one of the founding Partners of the Christchurch firm, originally called Sparks Erskine.

With his wealth of business experience, Ross has assisted on a wide range of accounting matters, providing relevant and practical advice to business owners and investors. Ross also has significant experience as a MindShop facilitator, and he uses those techniques to add significant value to special projects and business decision-making.

  • Mindshop is a business problem-solving tool used by a world-wide network of practitioners.
  • Ross has a wealth of experience in business valuations and appraisals from both a purchaser’s or seller’s perspective.
  • Ross's knowledge and skill in client succession planning is another specialist area whether a business exit is planned, unexpected or mandatory.
  • Chartered Accountant
  • B.Com - Otago University

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