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Sarah Ellem

Sarah Ellem

Having worked in the marketing, communications and media space for 20 years both in Taranaki and Europe, Sarah has a vast range of experiences and creative expertise to support businesses in their marketing efforts. Sarah is driven to help businesses get it right FOR THEM, and not let them just jump on what’s trending. Marketing is a multi-faceted endeavour and Sarah knows it’s important to get the foundations right so your brand grows from a place of support and stays strong.

Sarah can advise across multiple marketing channels, as she has worked in the media, for a media agency, and in global and local in-house marketing teams during her career. She’s also been published in the UK, EU and NZ publications & websites so is a dab hand at crafting great copy.

If you want great ideas that evolve into strategically planned, creatively crafted, effective marketing campaigns that work for your business, then get in touch today.

  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Advisory
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Management/Training
  • Event Promotion
  • Media Relations
  • Media
  • Local Government
  • National and multinational brands
  • Small business and start-ups
  • BA Media Communications – Marketing and PR
  • Diploma Media Studies
  • NZ Business Mentor

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